Comments: Nicholas Evans – "The Smoke Jumpers"

4 Sep

I played Jade Cocoon 2 for most of the time on the weekend and I had lots of fun with it, but there are times when enough is enough. So I stopped (Sunday evening). Naturally, then I was bored.

After some wandering around from room to room, I decided to read something and settled on The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans. We got this book as a present, it’s the only book by Evans that we have, and it’s in German. I never read any other book by him. I wrote all this so you could get a picture of my frame of mind when I started reading this book.

– I finished this book in 1 1/2 – 2 hours
– I started skimming soon after the first chapters
– I already knew the end (remember, I like to read romances, so that in itself is not a problem), but I also knew the way it would be achieved
– the 3 parts of the novel read more like 3 different stories than 1 story, there’s not much sense of “connected-ness” (see character problem and major flaw)
– misleading title: smoke jumping is important only for the first part of the novel
– flat, cardboard-like characters
– I think Evans intended it as a story about fate vs free will and loyalty and friendship
– the major flaw of this novel: telling, telling, telling

The following is to be taken with caution because I was bored and skimmed a lot:

Would I recommend this novel? No. Although I can imagine people liking it.

Would I read this novel again? No.

Grade no final grade because I skimmed a lot (DNF)


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