Gaming Again

30 Jul

It was really hot (= sweating without moving a muscle) here the last couple of weeks. Now at least you can do things without being covered in sweat with your first move. Which means, I started to play some games again.

I installed an old PC game called Pharaoh and then, I kid you not, I nearly spent more time searching and trying to download the patch than playing the game. For some reason, Firefox had trouble connecting to the download server. I played some without the patch and finally got the idea to try it with Microsoft’s IE. The download was no problem.


– I’m still using Firefox (who would think otherwise?)
– I have yet to play Pharaoh with the patch installed.

Diablo II

  • My Amazon is still on her quest to level up before taking on the Ancients. It would help if I would get better at keeping her alive (death = loss of experience)
  • My Sorc finished the first quest in Act 1, Hell difficulty and she’ll be staying there for some time. I want to finish the game with my Amazon first. I just don’t want a cookie cutter build to be the first to kill Baal on Hell difficulty.
  • I started two other characters: a Necromancer (“Vim”) and another Amazon (“Freya”).

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    […] The last time she was seen was on Hell difficulty before “The Ancients” quest at the end of July in 2006. That was the last time I played this […]

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