The Wisdom Of Knowing When Enough Is Enough

29 May

… or: Why didn’t I just stick with reading?

I spent the weekend (May, 20-21) playing Diablo 2. This proved too much for the tendons of my right hand. I think that’s the cause, although I played this long before without any problems. Maybe it’s just that I have to accept getting older?

I did finish reading Frances Fyfield’s Seeking Sanctuary. And I should have stuck with reading. There were more than enough books to continue reading thanks to some recent shopping, but no ….

Anyway, from Monday on, my right hand was rather useless. It’s good that I’m left-handed – I could do most of the things without feeling too awkward. I don’t know why I don’t use my left hand and a mouse for left-handed persons. It feels, and always felt, strange. There was never any thought about it. I also use my right hand when I have to use some kind of racket (tennis, badminton, table-tennis, …).

Anyway, the result of the weekend 20-21 May, 2006:

– a finished book
– inflamed tendons

and this:

(= My sorceress Sorcy finished Diablo 2 on normal difficulty setting. One down, two to go.)


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