Oops, I Started Again ("Diablo 2")

14 May

I was bored yesterday, so I went and visited a forum for Diablo 2 (see links).

What can I say?

That’s all it took to start playing the game again after nearly one year of abstinence. Well, maybe it was only half a year. But one year sounds so much more impressive when I’m gonna complain that my Diablo 2 addiction is back.

Anyway, I’m now the owner of a brand-new character: a sorceress called – “Sorcy”. Don’t laugh, I’m not much imaginative with names and she’s the first sorceress I play in this game so it’s fitting (at least for me).

My goal is to beat Hell difficulty with this character, something I never did with my amazon-characters (bows). They didn’t / don’t have equipment good enough to do the Rite-of-Passage Quest (also known as the Ancients Quest) in Act 5 on Hell difficulty. I’m not giving up but I thought that maybe I should try it with a character with whom it’s supposed to be easier. Important to know: I only play single player and I only use items the character finds on his/her own.

Sorcy just beat Andariel (boss in Act 1) and arrived in Lut Gholein. At the moment, she’s still waiting for her main attack spells to become available (which will be at level 24 and level 30). Because of that, and because I’m playing on “players 8”, it’s rather slow going right now.

Another problem is: I already miss my amazons. If the fate of my other, not-amazon characters is any indication, Sorcy won’t make it far. Not even one of my not-amazon characters reached Nightmare difficulty.

But there is a bowazon in Hell. Her next quest: “Rite of Passage” …


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