Are There Always Three?

10 May

I finally managed to look at the chick-lit novels a bought some weeks ago. It’s “managed to look” because I’m still not wholly over the fact that I went and bought 3 books by an author I haven’t read before and who writes in a genre I haven’t read before just because I got antsy for buying books.

I did this once – buying 3 books by an unknown author. The author came highly recommended and writes in a genre I like to read (romance). That one backfired quite a bit.

I look at the back covers of my “chickies”, and I get the hilarious impression that chick-lit and three always go together:

Marian Keyes: Sushi for Beginners

“[…] Three women on the verge of happiness and even closer to complete breakdown. Which way will they fall?”

Marian Keyes: Last Chance Saloon

Tara, Katherine and Fenton have been best friends since they were teenagers. Now in their early thirties, they’ve been living it up in London for ten years. But what have they got to show for it? […]”

Marian Keyes: The Other Side of the Story

“Gemma used to be Lily‘s best friend – until Lily ‘stole’ Anton. Now she’s writing her own story – painfully and hilariously – when super-shark agent Jojo stumbles across it. […]”

Is this chick-lit rule number one: There Must Always Be Three? Or is it just Marian Keyes?


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