Game Comment: "Grandia 2" (PS2)

28 Apr

Grandia 2 is an RPG. The story starts when Ryudo, a geohound (some kind of mercenary), is hired to protect a priestess of the church, Elena, during a ceremony. Something goes awry, and Elena now has to go to the head of the church to report what happened. Ryudo takes on the job as her bodyguard for the journey. Naturally, this soon turns into something more – a quest to save the world from evil.

Some facts:

  • Grandia 2 is a very linear game.
  • Graphics are nothing to shout about.
  • No sidequests.
  • The party consists of up to 4 members.

What I liked:

  • story: Sure, it is the standard story for a RPG: out to save the world. But I think the religious aspect of the story added some depth to it. Some nice character development. I especially like the banter (the typical romance novel stuff) going on between Ryudo and Elena. Bonus: long ending.
  • levelling up: There is a nice balance to the way you level up. After almost every fight you can improve something – moves, magic or skills. This makes fighting very rewarding.
  • battle system: The battle system has the option to cancel an enemy’s attack if your timing is right. Quite useful for boss battles.

What I didn’t like:

  • slow text messages: There is a lot of written text in this game. Unfortunately, the time it takes for the message to appear on the screen is too slow compared to the time it takes for you to read the words. You have to wait and there is no way to speed this up. Very annoying. Even late in the game, I wasn’t used to it and kept hitting a button to speed it up.
  • no map: There’s no map for the dungeons and the compass doesn’t really help. I found it sometimes frustrating trying to figure out if I already went down that way or not in a dungeon.

Did I enjoy playing this game? Yes.

Would I recommend this game? No for “average” players – there are better RPGs for the PS2. Worth a look for fans of RPGs.

Grade: 4 / 5


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