My Weekend

20 Mar

I finally finished Champions of Norrath (PS2).
I started it a long time ago, then got a bit fed up with the technical problems (frozen screen, …) and moved on to something new. This weekend I was in the mood for some action and decided to give it a go again. Thankfully there were no more frozen screens, just a few graphic errors with no real consequences. So that is one game less on my list of games to be played.

I read Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita and I’m in a puddle of admiration because of his writing skills. Lolita is written in a beautiful style which makes its story – a middle-aged man, Humbert Humbert, in love with little girls – even more appalling in contrast, IMO. Especially in the first part I didn’t know what to feel: admiration of Nabokov’s writing or revulsion at the look into H. H.’s mind.

What pulled me through was Nabokov’s way to write. He manages to make H. H. appear as a trustworthy narrator, because H. H. so obviously believes what he says, and at the same time Nabokov makes it clear that H. H. is not (always) to be trusted as a narrator. This ambiguity of H. H.’s character is alluded to on the back cover of the book: “Is he in love or insane? A silver-tongued poet or a pervert? A tortured soul or a monster?”

At the end, I nearly felt sorry for Humbert Humbert and my answers to the questions on the back cover were more along the line of the last sentence of the back cover: “Or is he all of those?”

And that is all due to Nabokov’s writing skills.


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