Finally Used My Amazon Gift Certification

12 Mar

I still got my gift certification from Christmas because the first two months this year I was slooooooooooooooow with my reading. But now it’s really time to get some new books.

Here’s my order:

Roberta Gellis: Rosalynde

  • because it’s a book that is often talked about and 5 Euro for over 500 pages? – Yes.

Susan Grant: Contact
Susan Grant: The Star King

  • because somewhere I read about her new book Your Planet or Mine? which I thought sounded interesting so I went to her homepage. There I looked at her other books, was interested, checked reviews, and ordered.

Lydia Joyce: Music of the Night

  • because there was some talk about it online. After reading this review on AAR, especially

    “For those of us bemoaning the many juvenile and distressingly formulaic historical romances littering bookstores these days, Lydia Joyce gives us reason to celebrate. The Music of the Night, the author’s second novel, is an intelligent and refreshingly different romance between two intelligent and refreshingly different people. It is – these days, at any rate – a book both far outside and far better than the norm.”

    the first paragraph, I decided to order the book.

Jennifer Crusie: Faking it

  • because it’s one of the few novels by Jennifer Crusie I don’t have. I remember that lotof of readers didn’t care too much for this one so I was hesitant to get it. But I’m “grown up” now and as an added bonus it is reduced in price at the moment.

Julie Anne Long: The Runaway Duke

  • because there was some talk about her new one and I went to her homepage, read the excerpts and like her way to write. The Runaway Duke was reduced in price – what better opportunity to try a new author?

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