Week In Review: December 2005, 2

11 Dec


  • finished Kate Fox – Watching the English
  • I ordered three books some weeks ago and they arrived this week. I finished Laura Kinsale’s The Hidden Heart right away and started with Judith Ivory’s Untie My Heart.


  • Disgaea: I “finished” the game. That is, I played the last map and watched the ending. Since there are still characters I have to get, character classes I have to unlock, optional maps, different endings, and items, I’m actually far from finished. But for the moment I had enough of levelling up and so decided to see one end. The next goal is to unlock all possible character classes – I’m just not sure when this will be.
  • Legend of Kay: I started this game today because I was fed up with all the levelling needed for Disgaea now. LoK is a platform game with fights. I finished the first “area” and just discovered that I can’t go back to it. There are still some tasks unfinished in this area, so I’m a bit grrrr right now and will probably start again.


  • Patricia Kaas: I don’t know how that came about. This summer, I used to listen to her quite a lot after we went to one of her concerts, then it went back to “normal”. Somehow I thought about that this week, and there I have it. Particular favourites at the moment: “Je le garde pour toi” and “Il me dit que je suis belle”.

What I didn’t do this week:

  • wrote a review for Laura Kinsale’s The Hidden Heart

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