Week In Review: November 2005, 4

27 Nov

I really am in a slump at the moment. Again, there is not much to tell. Okay, here goes:

  • ?


  • I played some Disgaea and went nuts on the map 9-1. Result: all character with a 3×3 area attack (or something similar like the spear skill “Asteroid Drop”) are now around level 75-80. More levels are possible, but I went nuts and you can only go nuts for so long before you get really nuts.
  • I started a few games on Civ III’s Deity difficulty and quit them all due to lack of resources (strategic and luxury). Why is it that all the starting positions of the AI’s have at least some resources near them and I haven’t? Give the human player a starting position with no resources around – is this something coded for that difficulty level? It sure seems like that to me.

What I didn’t do:

  • write a review of Jo Beverley’s The Shattered Rose.

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