Week In Review: November 2005, 3

20 Nov

There is not much to write about this week. I didn’t have much free time and when I had I was just too undecided to do anything, especially this weekend.

I did finish Alain de Botton’s Consolations of Philosophy, but that’s all the reading I did apart from the usual blogs and forums.

I played some Disgaea. In my Civ III game as France I was again unlucky regarding resources – what’s new? – and I’m very tempted to start a new game again. A military that consists only of ancient units whereas the AI runs around with tanks and such is really just asking them to come and kick your ass. I don’t know how much longer I can “escape” their notice. That sure is a game for someone with much more experience on Deity than I have.

But for now, I think I’m gonna curl up on the couch and watch a movie or two. That seems to me the right amount of effort I’m willing to invest in something right now.


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