Week In Review: November 2005, 2

13 Nov


  • Jo Beverley: The Shattered Rose
  • Alfred Tennyson: The Coming of Arthur
  • this thread on the Succession Games Forum on civfanatics.com. I believe it’s the first succession game started for Civilization IV there and already it turns out to be a very memorable one. Interesting, helpful, and very entertaining. Now why is it I can’t get a copy of the game right now?


  • Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex – I ended up playing this by accident. I was digging through our older games – it’s easy to forget what you have when you only see some game at a time – and saw it. I remembered that I had problems playing it when we bought it (it was one of our first games for the PS2) and I decided to try it now = after some years of gaming experience with jump-and-runs. Also, it was a welcome diversion from all the strategy in Civ III.
    I beat the last boss (?) it earlier today, but there are still a lot of things to collect. Not sure I’ll do that, though.
  • Civilization III – my project of the month: play games on Deity difficulty and survive as long as possible. After I had some bad luck with starting positions and resources, it seemed to get better this week. Well, sure, I was wrong. No horses, one iron, gems, two furs – that’s all the resources I have right now. I don’t like it, but I decided to go along with it. After all, the goal is to survive as long as I can, not to win.
    I’m playing as France (don’t ask me why I choose that civilization, don’t know for sure now) and I’m at 70AD. I just researched “Republic” and all the AI civs are ahead of me at least a couple of technologies.

    Here’s a screenshot of the world map 70AD – my “empire” is the pink one (traditional colour for France):

    And here’s a screenshot of some of my cities:

    … where you can’t see a thing actually.

Star Wars:
I wrote about watching Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. After that, I had nothing better to do than watch episodes IV-VI and round that up with Episode II. There went my free time! I watched it in English, so I wouldn’t get too exasperated with the dialogue.

What I didn’t do this week:

  • write two reviews: Jacqueline Carey – Banewreaker: Volume 1 of “The Sundering”; Jo Beverley – The Shattered Rose
  • again, played Disgaea – too much strategy with Civ III already (see Crash Bandicoot)

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