Daily Gaming Life

29 Aug

I actually had to think a bit about what I wanted to do when I played Disgaea yesterday. The last save game is over two weeks old – it seems that’s a little bit too long for my memory. Ouch. So I just followed the story. I’m currently in episode 7 and I’m not sure if I should go on with the story, subdue some more specialists, unlock some more job classes, or …

On the PC, my Diablo 2 obsession seems to be fading at the moment, meaning I don’t play every day anymore. I guess that has to do with the fact that I like to play amazons and the only amazon (bow) I have is on Hell difficulty (amazon, bow) and has to do the Ancients quest next. There is no chance in – well, hell, that I can beat them (I play single player with only-self found items). The Ancients quest stopped me on Nightmare difficulty, too with this character and I took up Civilization 3. I’m trying with other classes at the moment: an assassin and a barbarian – both act 1, normal difficulty, about to take on the Smith (assassin) and Andariel (barb) but I’m thinking more and more about a game of Civilization 3.


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