Game Comment: "Ratchet And Clank 3" (PS2)

26 Aug

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal is the third instalment of the adventures of Ratchet and his Robot Clank. Characterization is not a big concern in this series: the main story is straightforward and linear, with some funny scenes thrown in. Like in the two previous games, Ratchet and Clank have to go from planet to planet with a spaceship, accomplish missions there, get coordinates for other planets, go there – rinse and repeat until they fight a boss at the end of the game.


Far from it.

Ratchet and Clank is just so much fun to play. That’s mainly because of the near perfect gameplay mechanics. There are no frustrating moments because you have to repeat things over and over again due to wacky controls. Later in the game, you might have to repeat some missions – just running in and shooting at all things moving won’t get you very far. But that’s not because it’s just difficult to do or luck dependent, it’s because you have to think which of your many (crazy) weapons (up to 20 are available) is best to use in this mission. This adds a lot to the playing experience.

Shooting is the main word to describe the third part of the Ratchet and Clank series. It’s important to understand that R & C 3 moved away from its origin as a mixture of action game and platformer. Now there are only very marginal elements of a platformer. For the most part, you play Ratchet, run through the level and shoot at enemies. Shooting makes your weapons level up (version 5 is the highest for the first time playing). So all this shooting serves something. (And what 100%-gamer would want to face the last boss without all weapons at the highest level?)

Combined with these missions are some kind of mini-games to get access to an area now and then. They are only playable during a mission, and once a mission is cleared, you can’t return to these games. They are quite fun, and make for an interesting diversion. The same goes for the Clank-missions. Clank’s missions have more emphasis on puzzles and there is no shooting involved, but you’re able to punch enemies if needed.

Then there are some missions with space rangers, which provide a change of pace and they even give you some bolts after completing. That’s good, since you need lots of bolts to buy ammunition, weapons, and armor. The normal way to get bolts is to kill enemies and smash things with your wrench. But beside repeating the space rangers missions, you can do arena challenges or collect crystals to get bolts. They are nice, too, if you want to do something different. Or you can take a break from the main story line by playing Captain Quark video games, short sidescrolling platformers in 2D. To make the list of what to do beside following the main story line complete, there’s even is a multiplayer mode in the game (not tested, so no comment).

To sum it up: Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal is a good game – not too difficult, not unfair, not frustrating. It’s just plain fun to play.

I think I start the challenge mode now, so that I can get the last missing skill points and trophies, which are only available there. Everything else I have.

Did I enjoy playing this game? Yes, very much.

Would I recommend this game? Yes.

Grade: 5 / 5


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