Books To Battle My Reading Slump

17 Aug

I looked through my pile of books to read, and settled on five books which seem interesting enough to me at the moment (as far as that’s possible right now).

Paul Auster – “Oracle Night”
I always wanted to read a novel by Paul Auster. I saw this book with a rather good price and what little information I was able to find out about the book from its back cover seemed interesting (discovery of a mysterious notebook). There was also a quote from “The Herald”: “If you have never read Auster before … this is the place to start.”
A good sign, isn’t it? I bought the book – several months ago.

Neil Gaiman – “American Gods”
I think this one has already been read by a lot of people. For me it’ll be the first book by Gaiman.

Philippa Gregory – “The Virgin’s Lover”
Philippa Gregory is also a new-to-me author. The Virgin’s Lover is a historical novel about the love triangle between Elizabeth I, Sir Robert Dudley and his wife Amy. The last sentence on the back blurb reads: “…Dudley begins to contemplate the impossible – setting aside his loving wife to marry the young Elizabeth.” Maybe there’s a crime involved?
Gregory provides an interesting information about the historical background of the book and a list of reference books: Historical background

Martha Grimes – “Hotel Paradise”
I bought this book despite the crime or mystery involved in it. I got the impression that it is also some kind of psychological study, which is more to my liking. Also, the narrator is a twelve-year-old girl and I’m interested how this is handled.
I always thought of Martha Grimes as writing the Superintendent-Richard-Jury books, so I never considered her before. But when I look at her website it seems there is more.

Isolde Martyn – “The Knight and the Rose”
And again, a new-to-me author. Isolde Martyn is known for writing romances (medievals) with rich historical background. So I expect no fluffy-huffy here. The Knight and the Rose is about Lady Johanna FitzHenry, who is trapped in an arranged marriage and has to fight for her freedom.

Strangely enough, the book I’m interested the most at the moment is Martha Grimes’s Hotel Paradise, a book which seems to tend to the mystery/crime genre and that is a genre I seldom read.


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