Finally Finished "Final Fantasy X"!

16 Aug

Earlier this evening I beat Final Fantasy X’s last optional Boss, Penance. So I finally got 100% in the sense that I did all the optional stuff.

Penance appears after you beat all Dark Aons. He consists of three parts, one body part with a huge amount of hitpoints and two arms. These arms have to be destroyed to keep Penance from using his fatal attack “Judgement Day.” The body has to be free of its arms. The problem is, each arm takes a few turns to destroy and they regenerate after a couple of turns, leaving you with only a few turns to attack the body itself and sometimes not even that. Needless to say, that each part of Penance is able to attack and quite able to deal a lot of damage on his own (so you have to heal and revive your charcters). Add to that the huge amount of hitpoints of the body and you get a very long fight. If you somehow mess your turns up, by counting the turns to attack wrong for example, the two arms are present and it’s Penance turn to attack – Judgement Day and game over. That is what happened to me on my first try – after playing for nearly 40 minutes. Otherwise it isn’t such a hard fight. It just takes a long time and some concentration in counting the turns, that’s all.

I beat Penance the second time I tried – time needed: over 60 minutes.


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