Reading Slump

14 Aug

I’ve been in a reading slump for the last couple of weeks. You know what I mean? You start book after book but not one grabs you and takes hold of you and won’t let you go until you finished it? Instead, you put the book aside after a few pages and wonder why you ever bought it. That’s the kind of state I mean. If you could see the piles of books beside my bed you would be seriously worried about my ability to keep things tidy. And that doesn’t count the piles in the other rooms.

At the moment, I keep pretending to read Richard Ellmann’s biography about James Joyce, so that I don’t feel too bad about not reading anything. I started it two weeks ago and normally I would have finished it by now but no, far from it. I’m just about to start the second part. That’s no comment about the book, it’s a comment about my disability to read at the moment. In fact, the biography reads rather well considering the wealth in research and detail it delivers, and when I finally read I usually finish at least one chapter of it. Even small things count nowadays.

So today I had to more or less force me to write about books and reading. This is serious (and sad) for me because reading is one of my favourite pastimes besides playing games and, well, it’s the thing I wanted to do on this blog.

Maybe this post will help me to get the things going.

The current situation:

The books I have at home right now and which are still unread, are all books I bought at least several weeks or even months ago. As an aside, that is something I wonder about now and then. The urge to read a book, at least for me, is highest at the moment I buy it. If I can’t read it shortly after that, the urge to read this particular book gradually wanes and the book moves on the TBR pile. Or maybe it’s just that the urge to read one book gets replaced by the urge to read another, newer, one (not waning but replacing?). Because at the moment I certainly have a long list of books that I would like to buy (and read, I guess) but can’t (financial reason; see below).

The last book I finished, two months ago, was Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. I had a hard time finishing it. I found the book really bad, irritating, and then some more. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Financial reason: I’m in a serious gaming mood at the moment and bought three video games the last three weeks. Sure, they were all reduced in price, but there are already lurking some more around the corner. And since I’m in serious gaming mood, no money for books …

I have to think about that some more. Task for the next days: to come up with some books I might like to read.

Update on my quest for the best armor in Final Fantasy X (gaming mood and all): managed to get two. Only one more to get from Yojimbo … err, customize, that is.


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