Two Years Are Too Long …

11 Aug

… to not play a game. It makes you forget important things.

A couple of days ago I thought about picking up Final Fantasy X again to beat the last optional boss. Well, I started with that two days ago and I already have played over five hours. I remember now why I stopped playing over two years ago. It wasn’t because I got tired of levelling up. It was because it’s just so damned frustrating trying to get the best armour for every character. Two years sure did help me forget that little bit of wisdom.

I already have the best armour (“Break HP Limit” + “Ribbon”) for four characters and I’m trying to get the missing three from Dark Yojimbo, but he keeps giving me armours for characters who already have the best. The only good thing about this is, I only need a few more Dark Matters to be able to customize an armour with “Ribbon” for one of the three characters currently without it.

It’s pretty sure that after I customize an armor for a character, I will get an armor complete with “Break HP Limit” and “Ribbon” for this character from Dark Yojimbo…


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