What To Play Next?

8 Aug

I beat the last boss in Jak 3 this morning. I will write some comments about it later. Of course I’m still missing orbs in Jak 3 (what’s new?), around 100 of them. Nearly all missing orbs are rewards for the vehicle challenges. Since I’m not too keen on these kind of challenges I’m not sure I want to get 100%.

Now I have to think about what to play next. There’s nothing really screaming at me to start it right now, so I’m tempted to get into the endless fights to level up and be able to beat the last optional boss in Final Fantasy X.* My last save game is nearly two years old, so it’ll be fun…

*(I shouldn’t have written about this. Since then it’s been in my head and now, if I’m really doing it, I’ll be facing hours upon hours of leveling up. Thanks a lot.)


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