About This Blog

7 Aug

This is the first post on this blog. Since I can’t start something just like that – I even start all my diaries with some statement why I do it – here it goes.

There’s nothing imaginative about the title of this blog. But it does get across what it is about: basically my experiences with and views/opinions about books I read and games I played. I did this for years with a journal at my desk in private, and now I decided to go “public”. Which means, my posts about books and games are more like comments I would make to friends (or informal notes in my diary) than thorough and all encompasing reviews.

Do I think my opinions important? – No.

Then why going public?

I like the possibilities I have here to “design” the things I’ve written.
I want to practice my English writing skills.
I like that there is a tiny-tiny possibility that someone with similar interests comments here. It’s something that’s rather scarce in my real life.

This blog is my outlet. My place to talk about things important to me – even if nobody else will read it.

That’s it. First post.


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